Cambria Academy of Music and Multi-Disciplinary Arts

Founded by Samuel Shalhoub, M.A. in 2017.
Email: s a m @ c a m m d a . o r g
Disclaimer: This site is under construction and is subject to change without notice.
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Vision: To support and grow the artistic, cultural, and musical efforts in Cambria, CA, by providing people of all walks of life with a place to work, study, teach, and learn cooperatively in a safe and encouraging environment.

The proposed location of C.A.M.M-D.A. is actively being researched.

---C.A.M.M-D.A Organization Plan---

Executive Summary: Directed by Samuel Shalhoub, the Cambria Academy of Music and Multi-Disciplinary Arts would stand as a new central source for cultural exchange, primarily through the study and practice of music, while supporting and promoting the entire gamut of fine arts and human expression in our community.

Expected services that the C.A.M.M-D.A. could provide:
-Affordable access to facilities, events, and services.
-Safe space for the development of all forms of expression.
-High quality venue for community engagement, debate, and inquiry.

Currently, the C.A.M.M-D.A. is coordinating with various Cambria Community organizations in order to move closer towards providing these services. We are open to all other artistic and educational entities in our community as well, and would be happy to work together, share space, and support each other's missions.

Company Description: We believe that art, in the broadest sense, must be promoted, supported, and accessible to all people. Cambria needs a space to meet, to share their understanding of the world, to teach, to learn, to argue, to ultimately support a community that values expression and affection over all else. The Cambria Academy of Music and Multi-Disciplinary Arts will be a focal point for the transmission of knowledge, and the development of rich, meaningful humanistic experiences.

Consider this: you feel an intense interest in the arts, or simply feel curious about art, music, dance, and theater, etc. What do you do now? The K-12 public school system can only do so much to foster your growth, and college courses and adult schools can be overwhelming or econonomically unfeasable. Private teachers are often very specialized and sometimes prohibitively expensive, yet can be a great option if you feel dedicated to something in particular. But what about an alternative to those options? Can you imagine? A place to give presentations of your life's work and passion; a venue for local and regional performance groups to share their hard work and exercise their skills; a meeting place for every person in our lovely town, from students to seniors, to connect and engage in critical debate and inquiry.

Market Analysis: Since nothing like this entity exists in Cambria at the moment, future projections suggest broad appeal, growth, and continuous community support.

Organization & Management:
Community members, teachers, staff, and volunteers.

C.A.M.M-D.A President and CEO: Samuel Shalhoub

Marketing & Sales: Currently funding models revolve around membership dues, i.e. daily, monthly, yearly membership levels with corresponding privileges. This is subject to change, pending dicussion and community needs.

Funding Request: In need of roughly $600,000.00 towards the purchase of a building, fees, maintainance, and insurance.

Financial Projections: Membership is expected to fluctuate in accordance with demographic shifts, community engagement, and other factors, with an expected gradual rise over 10 years.

----------------------------Progress Report-------------------------

As of October 26, 2017: The CCSD failed to secure funds to purchace the OCL. Therefore CAMMDA will once again attempt to purchase the building.

As of September 11, 2017: The CCSD voted 3-2 to purchase the Old Cambria Library building. As such, the Academy is moving forward toward accomplishing its mission in another facility.

As of July 17, 2017: A certified copy of the Articles of Incorporation have arrived, dated and stamped "June 30, 2017" by the California Seceretary of State, Alex Padilla.

As of June 30, 2017: Email asking CCSD Board to temporarily pause their negotiations for the Old Cambria Library property until 2018 has been sent.

As of June 26, 2017: Articles of Incorporation for 501(c)(3) status have been submitted to the California Secretary of State.